Here’s a few responses from folks who saw the Debs at recent dance hall shows, weddings & private parites, and some helping us reminisce on Facebook:

“So many great memories from the Texas Hall of Fame on Thursday nights in the ’80s! One of my favorite memories is the Debonaires version of George Strait’s ‘You look so good in love’ — the talking part in the middle! So glad you guys are still playing!”
— Becky Adair


“I’ve been dancing to your music for over 30 years! There’s nothin’ better. Thanks for hangin’ around and makin’ great music.”
— Mark Martinets


“Just want to say I really enjoyed seeing you all Saturday at the Cotton Club. I love coming to see you guys. Lots of fun and the music is just awesome. Thanks again.”
— Marla Bundick


“Still jammin’ after all these years. Gotta love it!”
– Nancy Buentello


“Our first time to hear you guys was last night at The Melody Ranch. You guys were OUTSTANDING!!!!!! Loved it and can’t wait to hear y’all again!!!”
– Michelle Snyder


“Terry and The Debonaires were great tonight, as always.”
— Ginny Sutton


“Great show last night at Coupland Dance Hall!! Always so much fun to see these guys perform!”
— Alyssa Vogel


“Great time Sat nite as always with the Debs!! Love the cover of Daft Punk!!”
— Heidi Gensler


“This Band is Awesome.”
— Marilyn Finley


A&M Alumni 30 year reunion:

Terry – The overall consensus (100%) was that The Debonaires were GREAT!  Having y’all there was a big hit with everyone who made it to our 30th year reunion.  Hearing Amarillo by Morning, Statute of a Fool, etc as sung by The Debonaires took all of us back to 30+ years ago at the Hall of Fame.  (And your Journey songs – damned good voice for an “old” guy!)
Again, I really appreciate y’all doing this for us.  Please express our thanks to the other members. We will look you up in about 4 ½ years, in hopes that The Debonaires can make it to our 35th reunion. Thanks!
— Dennis McQueen


Terry, – I 2nd what Dennis said. You guys were great!!  Reminded me of the great times I had years ago listening to you guys out at the Hall Of Fame.  Please pass along my thanks to the guys in the band.
— Gary Merka ’82


Thanks Mr. Hughes for a night of great memories after a 30 year absence!  I was fortunate to stay in College Station to see you all win the Wrangler Country Show Down in 1984.  You spoiled us with all your great music – never saw bands quite the same.  Incidentally, the night you won in College Station, you beat Rene Willis (that was her married name later).  She married a classmate of ours and they moved to Nashville so she could pursue her music writing.  She had decent success there but then they moved back to Texas.  Her husband Chip passed away from cancer several years ago, leaving Rene and their two daughters.  I was hoping she would make it to the reunion because I remember her singing with you guys a time or two back then.  Both of them were special people.  She encouraged my daughter to do something in music.  Our oldest is a sophomore in college in Minnesota on a Music Scholarship and is studying Music Composition, so she took Rene’s advise as a little girl.  I guess dancing and singing “Why Don’t You Ever Call Me By My Name” with the Debonaires helped the genetics as well! You all were a very special part of our class in many ways. Thanks!
— Ben Boerner