Terry Hughes lead vocals, guitar
terry-lee-hughesOne of the original members, Terry continues to take us back to the glory days with his smooth vocal performances.  And he can nail the new stuff better than these young guns, too.  In short, he’s lost his hair but not his vocal range.  “Seriously”, how does he hit some of those notes? Must be getting “A Little Help From The Moon.”

Brian Brinkmeyer drums
Brian has been the rock solid foundation of the Debs since 1979. He’s got a credit list longer than the line to get in to the Cotton Club! He’s played with Rick Trevino and everybody else in Austin – rock, country, blues, you name it,  he’s got your back(beat).

   Kerry Williams bass, vocals
Kerry is a relatively newer member, but quite the veteran of the Texas music scene, playing with just about everyone in town, and Dallas too.  When he’s not blowing horn for some jazz outfit, he can also be heard with other local country and rock bands.  And by the way, how many strings do you need on that bass, anyway?

Trent Kuklies pedal steel, guitar
A Waco, native, Trent rounds out the sound with not only his authentic pedal steel, but also his guitar mastery. Cryin’, pickin’, or rockin’, he’s your man. The only thing wrong with him is that he drinks Coors Light.

 Jeremy Moore guitar, vocals
Jeremy MooreThe latest addition to the crew from Waco, Jeremy has been singing and playing in countless cover bands all over Texas since the early 90s. Everything from jazz to country, pop to metal both live and as a session player. Nice to have him aboard!